Thursday, 26 December 2013


wearing: missguided feather dress   |   primark polo neck   |   ebay necklace   |   topshop floppy hat    
zara leather over-knee boots

ITS CHRISTMAAAAAS. Well, it was. And the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is my absolute favourite - family, friends, presents and copious amounts of cheese...What more could you ask for? (probably not to feel as glutenous and sick, but carpe diem and that). I was very spoilt, which always happens but my family are the type of folk who don't listen and just keep giving, but I can't complain as I got lots of lovely gifts and even though I feel like I don't need to eat until next Christmas, I had a great day! 

I'd been searching for a floppy hat for a VERY long time and Santa brought me this Topshop beauty (which may I add, I didn't take off all day, pah!). What are the chances? He was definitely listening this year! And even though I HATE post-Christmas sales and find it crazy that people are willing to que before the sun has risen for a bargain, I'll shamelessly admit that I spent the majority of Christmas eve scouring the Topshop online sale and managed to splurge without realising. But in my books, if it's reduced then technically I never spent anything. Wishful thinking...Expect a haul post soon!

Missguided were also a life-saver with this BEAUTIFUL feather swing dress for an amazing go-to. Because obviously, I couldn't find anything to wear Christmas day... 

Cheeky family photos, rubbish cracker prizes and ridiculous amounts of alcohol and food later, it's all done! All that fuss for one day! Until next year...

iFeliz Navidad! 


Thursday, 12 December 2013


Yes, yes, this post is probably a billion years later than what it should have been, but better later than never, right? You can thank my ridiculous iPhone for playing me around and my charger breaking over the last few weeks for that!

Anyway, Selfie School. Sounds like a place where aspiring Kim K's go to learn how to take the best shot of themselves and make themselves look great in photos, yes? Correct, that it was. But a lot better and with a few cakes thrown in to really get that Kimmy K look (hello, booty). As part of the Access All Asos Team 2013, the lovely folks at down Asos kindly chose me to be one of their students at Selfie School down at their Head Office in London, learning all of the tricks of the trade as to how to take the best images with your trusty old mobile (Mobile? Do people still use that word? Phone...).

As mentioned in my previous post, Photographer Extraordinaire Olly Lang was the teacher and had us taking photos of ourselves left, right and centre to explore how to get the best 'selfie' and how to use our phones in the most effective way. And this all occured in the week that 'selfie' was crowned 'Word of the Year'! Hurrah for the selfie and us narcissistic modern folk! (I'm not complaining...)

The infamous Asos catwalk...eek!

Cakes, mini Fish & Chips and copious amounts of selfie's later, the day was nicely rounded off with a tour of Asos HQ (ahhh!) and more cake. What could be better?


Saturday, 7 December 2013


wearing:   asos faux fur and sheepskin coat   |   primark polo neck jumper   |   primark checked trousers   |   asos loafers      
 river island necklace

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Bad blogger - no post in 2 weeks is not on, admittedly however life has been stupidly cray. Lots of exciting happenings (and sad...) over the past few weeks. As an Access All Asos Insider (tongue twister) the lovely folks at Asos invited me to attend the very exciting 'Selfie School' with super photographer extraordinaire Olly Lang, where I got to tour the wonderful Asos HQ and mingle with some lovely bloggers. Photos to come as soon as I can manage to fix my phone cable...sigh. Oh and I left my job, which is quite sad, but pastures new and all of that, eh? This beauty of a statement necklace was my lovely leaving gift. The girls have a very good eye for accessories I'd say!

Since I last posted winter has well and truly hit us and although I'm barely out enjoying the Christmas festivities which seem to be springing up everywhere (whoever said doing a degree was easy lied, I'm practically house-bound), it means I have full permission to whack out all the coats I own. Which seems to be a lot more than originally thought as I seem to have no storage space whatsoever in the flat. But still, OOOOOH coats. And this cheeky two-tone Asos number from a few years back in particular is still going strong. Faux fur and two-tone, whats not to love?

 Ps, lol at my pouty/miserable face. I promise I'm not this miserable in real life!


Thursday, 21 November 2013


wearing:   ebay gilet   |   pins and needles playsuit   |   boohoo heels   |   topshop tee   |   mixed rings

Ebay is probably my favourite place for online steals, ever. Conjure up something you want in your head and 9 times out of 10 you'll probably find it somewhere in this online treasure chest for a ridiculously low price (way to glamourise ebay, huh?). I have no idea who or where my gilet came from (well I do...a factory somewhere in China, apparently) but I do know that I love it with my heart and soul and after purchasing a few weeks ago, I'm currently throwing it over anything and everything that I can find in my wardrobe that slightly matches. Chances are I'll be over it in a few weeks - thats just what I seem to do, ha! - but for now, soak up the fluffiness...

 vintage, ebay and primark rings (and a cheeky crotch shot...)


Friday, 8 November 2013


wearing:   zara coat   |   asos jeans   |   topshop speckled jumper   |   h&m shirt   |   primark necklace   |   primark fur collar   |   river island pumps   |   mulberry handbag

Denim, denim. A bit of a life saver, eh? The do it all piece for when you haven't the foggiest what to wear (this is all getting a little bit philosophical, no?). So why so passionate about denim lately, I hear you ask? WELL, if you're asking, the lovely folks over at Stylight have asked me to take part in a very exciting little blogger competition they're doing, made up of 20 bloggers from the 7 countries they work in competing on a national, then international level for a lovely final prize of an all expenses paid trip to Berlin Fashion Week in Januray (ooh, exciting). The first round (of 3) has a denim theme...hence the excitement.

 So if you have a Stylight account and fancy giving me a follow and a 'heart' on my denim concoction (ha!) feel free to be kind and do so here! Even if not, you can still have a gander around their wonderful site and a nosey at my profile! (But it'd be really nice to go to Berlin Fashion Week. Really nice...). 

AND Zara coat reduced to £29.99 - erm, Hello! Happy Lydia. 

Also, you can check out a little interview-y thing that I did for international shopping blog 'Shopping Unlike' a few weeks ago here (excitingggggg).

*All lovely photos courtesy of Hannah Colligan (Facebook here)


Tuesday, 5 November 2013


lusting (clockwise from top left):   zara stones and flowers necklace £29.99   
    lazy oaf unicorn necklace £57   |   zara fabric chain necklace £19.99   |   j.crew jewelled fan necklace £165     
 matthew williamson opulent necklace £495

Here we are again - my good friend 'the lust list'. A few posts ago I mentioned my crazy obsession for the statement necklace (goodbye pastels, hello to the blingiest neck you've ever seen). That obsession, it's fair to say, is well and truly growing every time I enter Zara (I'm getting to the point where I'm having to close my eyes and leave as soon as I enter, why so many nice things that my bank account doesn't want me to have?!). I'm resorting to my new best friend eBay to provide me with my medallion needs at the moment - poor student problems. But from the cheap(ish) and cheerful to the downright expensiiiive, the small to the grand, here's what I'm really lusting/needing in my current phase...

Saturday, 26 October 2013


wearing:   h&m knitted top   |   zara faux leather trousers   |   zara sheepskin coat   |   asos loafers |       zara checked scarf       marc jacobs watch

Green. Strange colour. The colour of these trousers immediately reminds me of my repulsive bottle green uniform, endured for a very long 5 years at school. But at the same time I can't help but love it - maybe in a heart-warming, endearing fondness kind of way? Ha. A bargain at £10 in Zara sale last year (sorry, old news but similar here), I immediately snapped these up in black too. I can't help but love a wallet-friendly leather look trouser! And with one of Zara's ah-mazing scarves from this season, school uniform memories are quickly fading. A very Zara themed outfit, no?

                                                                                                                                                                                     x                                           *Hannah Colligan photography, see more here and on Facebook woo!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


wearing:   topshop jumper   |   primark corduroy pinafore   |   primark spike necklace   |   marc jacobs watch   |   zara ponyskin pumps

Ahoy there! Long time no speak...again, my apologies, I've been busy with uni and work etc. (with maybe a hint of procrastination on Pinterest thrown in there - it's just SO addictive!). I've also been super busy spending stupid amounts of money on statement necklaces, my new obsession. I've always had a soft spot for chunky, cheap jewellery but could never seem to find the perfect statement necklace, but now I seem to have too much choice if anything - not complaining! And Primark's most recent gems have certainly hit the spot, including this new, sparkly (if not a little bit dangerous) number. Zara have some fab pieces in too, here!

Thrown with some Hugh Hefner-esque pony skin slippers, studded dream! 


*Hannah Colligan photography (see her work here and on Facebook!)

Friday, 11 October 2013


wearing:   topshop dress   |   zara white cardigan   |   h&m belt   |   topshop cut out boots   |   primark necklace   |   chanel bag 

So last weekend myself and my lovely friend Hannah attended the BuyMyWardrobe Live Autumn Event held at the swanky Kensington Roof Gardens (pish posh, I know). BuyMyWardrobe is an amazing online marketplace for pre-owned designer goods and their live event consisted of just that...amazing pre-owned designer goods everywhere. Think Chanel, Moschino, Christopher Kane, The Row and Christian Louboutin everywhere you turn. Yes, heaven. And a fraction of the original price? Even better.

Unfortunately, my recent spending habits meant I couldn't purchase anything (my bank account is currently crying a river) but we definitely had a good gander. A girl can dream, right? Oh well, free mini cupcakes and champagne definitely made up for the heartache, ha!

And we met the lovely Bridget Sojourner from Channel 4's 'Fabulous Fashionistas' documentary (cue dorkiest photo in the world and a mouth full of free cake...cringe) and then bought a giant Pretzel from Wholefoods. All in all, a very productive day, haha!

Have a look at more of Hannah's beautiful photography here and also on Facebook and the BuyMyWardrobe site here, yeaahhh!