Thursday, 21 November 2013


wearing:   ebay gilet   |   pins and needles playsuit   |   boohoo heels   |   topshop tee   |   mixed rings

Ebay is probably my favourite place for online steals, ever. Conjure up something you want in your head and 9 times out of 10 you'll probably find it somewhere in this online treasure chest for a ridiculously low price (way to glamourise ebay, huh?). I have no idea who or where my gilet came from (well I do...a factory somewhere in China, apparently) but I do know that I love it with my heart and soul and after purchasing a few weeks ago, I'm currently throwing it over anything and everything that I can find in my wardrobe that slightly matches. Chances are I'll be over it in a few weeks - thats just what I seem to do, ha! - but for now, soak up the fluffiness...

 vintage, ebay and primark rings (and a cheeky crotch shot...)