Thursday, 26 December 2013


wearing: missguided feather dress   |   primark polo neck   |   ebay necklace   |   topshop floppy hat    
zara leather over-knee boots

ITS CHRISTMAAAAAS. Well, it was. And the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is my absolute favourite - family, friends, presents and copious amounts of cheese...What more could you ask for? (probably not to feel as glutenous and sick, but carpe diem and that). I was very spoilt, which always happens but my family are the type of folk who don't listen and just keep giving, but I can't complain as I got lots of lovely gifts and even though I feel like I don't need to eat until next Christmas, I had a great day! 

I'd been searching for a floppy hat for a VERY long time and Santa brought me this Topshop beauty (which may I add, I didn't take off all day, pah!). What are the chances? He was definitely listening this year! And even though I HATE post-Christmas sales and find it crazy that people are willing to que before the sun has risen for a bargain, I'll shamelessly admit that I spent the majority of Christmas eve scouring the Topshop online sale and managed to splurge without realising. But in my books, if it's reduced then technically I never spent anything. Wishful thinking...Expect a haul post soon!

Missguided were also a life-saver with this BEAUTIFUL feather swing dress for an amazing go-to. Because obviously, I couldn't find anything to wear Christmas day... 

Cheeky family photos, rubbish cracker prizes and ridiculous amounts of alcohol and food later, it's all done! All that fuss for one day! Until next year...

iFeliz Navidad!