Thursday, 12 December 2013


Yes, yes, this post is probably a billion years later than what it should have been, but better later than never, right? You can thank my ridiculous iPhone for playing me around and my charger breaking over the last few weeks for that!

Anyway, Selfie School. Sounds like a place where aspiring Kim K's go to learn how to take the best shot of themselves and make themselves look great in photos, yes? Correct, that it was. But a lot better and with a few cakes thrown in to really get that Kimmy K look (hello, booty). As part of the Access All Asos Team 2013, the lovely folks at down Asos kindly chose me to be one of their students at Selfie School down at their Head Office in London, learning all of the tricks of the trade as to how to take the best images with your trusty old mobile (Mobile? Do people still use that word? Phone...).

As mentioned in my previous post, Photographer Extraordinaire Olly Lang was the teacher and had us taking photos of ourselves left, right and centre to explore how to get the best 'selfie' and how to use our phones in the most effective way. And this all occured in the week that 'selfie' was crowned 'Word of the Year'! Hurrah for the selfie and us narcissistic modern folk! (I'm not complaining...)

The infamous Asos catwalk...eek!

Cakes, mini Fish & Chips and copious amounts of selfie's later, the day was nicely rounded off with a tour of Asos HQ (ahhh!) and more cake. What could be better?