Friday, 8 November 2013


wearing:   zara coat   |   asos jeans   |   topshop speckled jumper   |   h&m shirt   |   primark necklace   |   primark fur collar   |   river island pumps   |   mulberry handbag

Denim, denim. A bit of a life saver, eh? The do it all piece for when you haven't the foggiest what to wear (this is all getting a little bit philosophical, no?). So why so passionate about denim lately, I hear you ask? WELL, if you're asking, the lovely folks over at Stylight have asked me to take part in a very exciting little blogger competition they're doing, made up of 20 bloggers from the 7 countries they work in competing on a national, then international level for a lovely final prize of an all expenses paid trip to Berlin Fashion Week in Januray (ooh, exciting). The first round (of 3) has a denim theme...hence the excitement.

 So if you have a Stylight account and fancy giving me a follow and a 'heart' on my denim concoction (ha!) feel free to be kind and do so here! Even if not, you can still have a gander around their wonderful site and a nosey at my profile! (But it'd be really nice to go to Berlin Fashion Week. Really nice...). 

AND Zara coat reduced to £29.99 - erm, Hello! Happy Lydia. 

Also, you can check out a little interview-y thing that I did for international shopping blog 'Shopping Unlike' a few weeks ago here (excitingggggg).

*All lovely photos courtesy of Hannah Colligan (Facebook here)