Tuesday, 5 November 2013


lusting (clockwise from top left):   zara stones and flowers necklace £29.99   
    lazy oaf unicorn necklace £57   |   zara fabric chain necklace £19.99   |   j.crew jewelled fan necklace £165     
 matthew williamson opulent necklace £495

Here we are again - my good friend 'the lust list'. A few posts ago I mentioned my crazy obsession for the statement necklace (goodbye pastels, hello to the blingiest neck you've ever seen). That obsession, it's fair to say, is well and truly growing every time I enter Zara (I'm getting to the point where I'm having to close my eyes and leave as soon as I enter, why so many nice things that my bank account doesn't want me to have?!). I'm resorting to my new best friend eBay to provide me with my medallion needs at the moment - poor student problems. But from the cheap(ish) and cheerful to the downright expensiiiive, the small to the grand, here's what I'm really lusting/needing in my current phase...