Monday, 6 January 2014


lusting:   3.1 phillip lim cross body bag

Happy 2014! It may be January 6th and my New Years 'resolutions' may already be slowly slipping down the drain, but everyone loves a fresh start, don't they? I love New Year and even though 2013 was amaaaaze, I still welcome this year with open arms. 

New Years resolutions on the other hand I don't welcome (ha!). They're great if you need to desperately change something and by all means go for it if so, but I think that a new year is just nice to make small and sustainable lifestyle alterations. For example, this year I'm taking it upon myself to try and become generally more positive and letting what will be, be. C'est la Vie and all that! AND to start investment-buying a little bit more strategically instead of spending ridiculous money on lots of different items that I never even end up wearing. Happens to the best of us!

Anyway, enough rambling. Whilst I've been trying to escape the sales long enough not to get distracted by shiny, new and reduced coats, shoes and whatever else I can find, I've found myself my first major lust of 2014. Admittedly a very expensive lust, but I can only hope it'll be mine by the end of the year. Enter, the 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder small cross-body bag in baby-blue. Dreamyyyyy stuff. Oh to stroke the soft leather and try and wear it with every item in my wardrobe, matching or not. I think I've found a new love...