Thursday, 15 August 2013


on the brain:   cut out ankle boots

1. Balenciaga Ceinture ankle boots   
2. Monki Vanja boots
3. Alexander Lewis sling back cowboy boots
4. Zara leather sling back ankle boots
5. Topshop KATZ2 cut-out boots

So, the new obsession? Cut-out ankle boots. I own ridiculous amounts of ankle boots, so probably don't need any more, but I definitely would like a cut-out pair for Autumn/Winter to pair with some chunky tights or socks! My absolute favourites are these Zara leather sling back boots which come in at (a fairly purse-friendly) £59.99, which ain't too hefty for leather! I cannot get these out of my mind and keep finding myself checking these beauties out on the Zara website without even realising (I need a new hobby!). 

Definitely a pay-day splurge!