Friday, 9 August 2013


collection:   h&m fall/winter 13 (images courtesy of elle uk online)

Okay, so I haven't posted in quite a few days. I'm afraid I've been 'busy' with 'work'. Well, I've been busy with work AND visiting new puppies, drinking coffee and stuffing my face with cakes and burgers (AKA, doing everything that won't benefit you when you're on a beach and in a bikini in 3 weeks time. Minus the puppies thing.) So apologies, my bad.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Last post I mentioned I'm lusting pretty much every item in the H&M Fall/Winter 13 collection, so I figured I'd do a whole post dedicated to my new obsession with it. That's A WHOLE POST. You lucky things.

The entire collection is heart-stopping, throat-thickening, makes you want to dance around in your new H&M over the knee booties, beautiful. The chunky knits, leather, sheer fabrics and embellishment come together, thrown in with some fur and velvet to create the ultimate luxury capsule wardrobe. Basically, everything I love about winter - lots of texture. The military vibe, 60's references and oatmeal hues also make for some intense wardrobe-yearning. 

 Not H&M's cheapest collection, but still great prices for quality, designer-esque pieces that will last for years. And throw in Cara Delevingne's beautiful face, what's not to love? I know I'm sold!

Also, did I mention the over the knee leather boots? I'm in love. Ha!