Thursday, 1 August 2013


   wearing:   h&m top   |   h&m skirt   |   converse shoes   |   mulberry bag   |   marc jacobs watch 

Judging by these photos, you wouldn't have guessed that this was the ultimate lazy(ish) day for me. Waking up late in the new apartment (Eeep! New apartment!) and then a late brunch with my photography flatmate Hannah (hence the photographs, ha!) was perfect after a busy few weeks for me. It was so nice to relax and settle into our 'new home', even if it is a little messy, and then have a wander around a Flying Ant swarmed city centre.

Excuse the huge bruises on my legs. Believe it or not, I haven't been involved in any kind of brawl, just some (admittedly horrific) drunken dancing with my brother the other night...Oops, ha! Shamefully, the tag on this skirt was ripped off today after it's been hanging in my wardrobe for a year whilst I 'uhmm-ed and ahhh-ed' about what to wear it with! So today was it's first preview and even though it's a little big, I do love it. First time for everything though, eh?! My top is also H&M and shoes are converse (apologies for how filthy they are, this whole moving in business means my shoe wardrobe is all over the place). My bag, A.K.A my baby, is Mulberry and watch is Marc Jacobs. Random mix, I know, but perfect for a chilled day!

Lydia x