Sunday, 15 September 2013


wearing:   topshop pink pvc skirts   |   topshop blue fluffy jumper   |   h&m leather belt   |
 converse shoes   |   ebay and vintage rings 

PVC.  A strange topic area. Sugar-coated mini trend of the season or something you now associate with the once so innocent Miley Cyrus? (Panic not, no twerking will be going down in this number. I hope). Love it or loathe it, Topshop seem to be having a 'vinyl moment' - and a mighty fine moment at that, may I add. From coats to skirts to satchels, Topshop have got it covered this season and I had to grab myself some of the action. With colours this sweet, how could I resist?

On first sightings, I was a little bit dubious about this skirt. Baby pink and PVC? Neither are usually my thing and when I asked for the opinion of my all-knowing family, one's response of 'thats a nice vase' didn't exactly raise my confidence levels, but nearly out of stock? I'll run the risk of looking like an ornament. Paired with a fluffy baby blue jumper, I'll admit the outfit is a bit of an ice cream-dream, but I seem to be going through a 'winter' pastels phase. Don't judge.


Photos courtesy of the lovely Hannah Colligan. Visit her Facebook here too, yar.