Wednesday, 11 September 2013


trialing:   nails inc. bling it on in soho mews*

I'm a sucker for nails. As you can probably tell from the pictures below, I like keeping my nails prim and proper (probably because when I grow my nails out natural, they break like its nobody's business - hence I'm an acrylic addict *shakes head in disgust*) and I always enjoy experimenting with new polishes. The amount of money I spend on nail polish is ridiculous and I'm pretty sure I'm the sole reason why Boots are still in business...I just have no self control.

So, when I was asked if i wanted to try out the Nails Inc. 'Bling It On' Leather and Skulls set I was more than happy to oblige and see what all the fuss was about. I was a little bit panicky about how I'd get the skulls off without ripping my entire nail off (note: SUPER strong glue included), but, meh! I'd risk it. The polish shade I got was in 'soho mews' - a yummy, caramel-y nude shade which looked amaze with my holiday tan when I put it on (sadly, my tan is swiftly fading - I love England). 

The polish dries insanely quickly and the first coat took a mere 2 minutes to dry - easily impressed. And the second coat dried just as fast to reveal a strange bumpy, concrete-esque texture (hold your horses, this wasn't a bad thing). With a clear top coat, the leather effect was just as glorious as promised and with the included skulls applied with the nail glue - HEY PRESTO, leather and skulls! Rock n' Roll (cringe).

Staying power? 10/10. Besides from the skulls getting a little tangled in my locks whilst I slept (pah!), they still managed to stay put for a good few days! And minimal chipping. Bravo, Nails Inc. you've outdone yourself.

All round fabbbb product, especially if you're going away for a few days and need a special nail set with great staying power. 

Check out the other luuurvely polish shades here, I'll definitely be purchasing a few more!


*gifted - RRP £19.00