Friday, 7 March 2014


I say dreaming of, I have already bought this handbag. And I'm still dreaming about it. *sigh*.

So a few posts back, I mentioned (subtly) how absolutely head over heels, heart pounding, throat thickening, in love I am/was with the 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder cross-body bag in all its baby blue glory. I'm never usually one for a coloured bag - black seems to be my uniform nowadays - but when I saw THIS Zara gem and an absolute doppelgänger for the Phillip Lim beauty, I honestly couldn't resist. 

As soon as I saw this amazing dupe I knew it had to be mine within 10 minutes, which I'm aware sounds a little bit sad and like I'm a crazy, but I don't care. Admittedly it isn't leather and therefore in my mind I'm already dreading it falling apart a few years down the line after using it far too much (this is how in love with this handbag I am), but when a bag is this beautiful I cannot just walk away. End of. Especially when it's a fraction of the Phillip Lim price at £39.99.

Excellent work Zara, you've made my month already...and by the looks of your new collection you're going to be making my year (I can hear my bank balance crying already).


*image via Instagram here