Tuesday, 1 October 2013


obsessing:   stylight

Apologies for the HUGE lack of blogging lately. I've been moving back in properly for uni and sorting boring stuff like that, so apologies. Yada Yada Yada...

Now, I love a good online store. Online shopping makes me happier than words can explain and is always there to fall back on after a long, hard day (this makes me sound like I have some kind of addiction, doesn't it?). So, when I found out about Stylight I was obviously over the flippin' moon...

Stylight is a pretty exciting concept in that you can upload looks, browse other's looks for fashion inspiration to see how others put outfits together AND (wait, it gets better..) you can also shop similar products, all in one place! Stylight links you up to products you like, or in my case, become severely obsessed with, so you can quickly snap up the pieces before they disappear into cyber space. Well, go out of stock...Couldn't be easier to get a quick style fix, eh?

Follow, heart, shop, whatever! Stylight is a fab place to get exploring the fashion community and get inspired by users and style from around the world! Have a look around here and if you're a newbie to Stylight (like yours truly), give us a follow

Happy shopping/ inspiring!